True Temper Wooden Pulaski

Buy 12 and save $1.25 each
Buy 12 and save $1.25 each
True Temper Pulaski Mattock w/ 36" Hickory Wood Handle
True Temper  Pulaski Mattock w/ 36" Hickory Wood Handle

A versatile combination of mattock and axe. Excellent tool for cutting and grubbing out roots. Special hand tool utilized in wildland fighting. It can also be used for gardening and other outdoor work. This tool has a drop-forged, tempered carbon steel head that combines an axe and mattock on one head. It also has a long reaching 36-inch lacquered hickory handle for added strength.

  • Forged steel axe head for maximum strength
  • Used for branch trimming, tree pruning, and wood splitting and cutting
  • 3.75-pound axe head
  • 36-inch hickory handle with molded handle guard for overstrike protection