The Slammer Multipurpose Tool

Buy 6 and save $31.92 each
Buy 6 and save $31.92 each
The Slammer Multipurpose Tool w/ Standard Tool Blade
The Slammer Multipurpose Tool w/ Standard Tool Blade

You are viewing one of the most useful and versatile tools on the planet. The slide-hammer concept has been around for ages, but the design and materials used for the Slammer has been a 23-year evolution of countless prototypes to make it as sturdy and robust as the one you see here. It gives the user the mechanical advantage of a lot of force to a small area, focusing the energy to where you want it, over and over again. Many professionals carry a crowbar (digging bar), mattock/grubber, axe and spade in their work trucks. When dealing with hard ground, roots, rocks, concrete and well-compacted soil types (clay, sedimentary, conglomerates) these tools are standard. However, once you start using the Slammer you'll find not only does it take less time to complete a task; it uses a completely different set of muscles that is easier on your back. The key to this is to grip the bar with your hands, but use your legs to get your body to move the bar up and down, rather than your arms. The other big feature is once the tool is driven into an ugly patch, to get it out was a lot of work. So that is how the head of the tool ended up looking the way it does, you rock the tool from side to side to “walk its way out”. If you work smart, you can work more productively.

Just a few of the uses for the Slammer:

  • transplanting trees & shrubs
  • demolition & construction
  • dividing large grasses/riparian planting
  • digging and breaking up tough ground
  • removing difficult invasive plants
  • splitting wood
  • breaking ice & rock & concrete
  • track & road maintenance
  • emergency response
  • fencing
  • working in tight spaces,
  • vehicle recovery, etc. etc.

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