JBC Mini Sign Stand

Buy 6 and save $12.58 each
Buy 6 and save $12.58 each
JBC Mini Sign Stand w/ Fold Out Legs **Sign Stand Only**
JBC Mini Sign Stand w/ Fold Out Legs **Sign Stand Only**

The Mini-Stand is designed with your crew's safety and convenience in mind. The compact Mini-Stand series is an affordable way to keep your sign message displayed with the best possible visibility. Your crews will appreciate the easy set-up, rugged durability and convenient storage this stand offers.

All Mini-Stands feature an integrated brace clamp for attaching 36"or 48"solid vinyl signs. The brace clamp attaches at the lower 6 inches of the vertical brace thus giving the sign the ability to spill wind gust.

The legs of the JBC stand have been designed to be released by either using one's hands or feet.  This feature offers greater protection to the user as it allows the stand to be set up without the technician taking their eyes off of traffic.  The Stand can be adjusted to 2 height levels, depending on your particular situation. Each leg can also be independently adjusted for greater stability on uneven terrain. The telescoping legs create a wider stance for added stability in high wind situations.


  • Integrated brace clamp for attaching 36"or 48"signs.
  • Legs can be adjusted up or down to raise or lower height of stand.
  • Legs can be adjusted in length to account for uneven ground or increased stability.   

**Sign Stand Only** Order signs and flags separately. Recomended back braces are the 36" #4190520 or the 48"#4190500.