Rockman Forestry Premium Loggers Helmet

Rockman Forestry Premium Loggers Helmet w/ Steel Mesh Visor and Ear Protection
Rockman Forestry Premium Loggers Helmet w/ Steel Mesh Visor and Ear Protection

This is the top of the line Loggers Hat. Starting with the ultra strong and durable ABS helmet shell equipped with the patented, shock absorbing DeFromaTec ™ suspension and one hand ratchet size adjustment. The premium visor carrier with extended sun peak is mounted with a tough wire mesh visor that hugs the NRR24 db rated hearing protection. Available in Red, Orange and Yellow.

Helmet Shell Features:

  • Shell is constructed of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which has better heat, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance compared to PE (Polyethylene) which is used in most shell construction.
  • Energy absorbing shape (Formula 1 principle). The helmet shell, built like a rigid cage, can react upon impact by intended partial deformation of the shell, further impact energy taken by the patented DFT (DeFormaTec) – suspension.
  • Lightweight thermoplastic helmet shell with UV stabilization reducing degradation from ultraviolet light.
  • Scratch resistant crown: The crown on all Rockman helmets have a scratch resistant, roughened matt finish to protect the helmet surface when stored upside down.
  • Short peak for better sight.Accessory slots (30mm) accept a wide variety of attachments like visors and hearing protectors.
  • Ventilation system on the top of the helmet allow the hot air to expel where is gathers and to draw in cool air from below.

Helmet Suspension Features:

  • 6 double point, textile suspension (woven nylon webbing) for excellent comfort.
  • The patented, shock absorbing DeFromaTec ™ suspension, comes with twelve DeFormaTec impact point, which will stretch in case of a serious impact, taking away a certain amount of impact energy from the head of the wearer.
  • Low nape strap helps prevent the helmet from shifting on the wearer’s head.
  • Long sweat-band from anti allergic fleece material.
  • One-hand-ratchet headband with rear knob for instant sizing even with a hand in a leather glove.

We highly recommend to replace the helmet after every impact situation.

Meets ANSI Z89.1-2003.  Type 1 Class C.  CE EN397