Ronin Lift Battery Powered Rope Ascender

Ronin Lift Battery Powered Rope Ascender
Ronin Lift Battery Powered Rope Ascender

The Ronin Lift is a lightweight portable battery-powered rope ascender that is capable of lifting up to 400 pounds. It can easily act as an ascender, portable winch, or belay device. This product was designed to help people scale vertical heights, whether that be the arborist climbing a tree for work or a physically challenged climber accomplishing a lifelong dream of scaling El Capitan. The Ronin Lift is capable of transporting individuals and/or gear quicker and more efficiently than traditional rope ascending products. Lighter and quititer then compareable gas powered units.

The Ronin Lift has a variable speed trigger similar to a power drill so you can go between 0.5ft - 2ft per second.  A manual brake and a auto lock out feature as a fail safe. The brake is a mechanical hard stop so there is not friction material that will wear out over time.


  • Lightweight < 20lbs with battery pack
  • Rugged and durable
  • 400lbs continuous lifting capacity
  • Variable lifting speed between 0.5-2ft/sec
  • Secondary lock out feature with manual descent
  • Comes with standard battery pack and charger
  • CE & ANSI certified as a lifting device
  • Will act as both a winch and an ascender
  • Easy to use simple design. Get ready to enjoy on your first day out.


  • Rope Range: 10-12mm
  • Weight: less then 20 lbs with battery pack

See the attachments tab above for downloadable instructions on this product.

Attention: The type of rope used in the Ronin Lift is extremely important.  Please refer to the owners manual or the instructional videos below for rope type and loading instructions.  Bishop Company & Ronin recomend the use of Teufelberger Xstatic 11.70mm Kernmantle Static Climbing Line.

Become familiar with the Ronin Lifts operation by watching this series of instructional videos:

Official Ronin Lift Instruction Video Technical Features

Official Ronin Lift Instruction Video Rope Loading

Official Ronin Lift Instruction Video Rope Selection

Official Ronin Lift Instruction Video Trouble Shooting #1

Battery Installation

Ronin As a Winch

Ronin Lift Ascending Instructions

Ronin Lift Descending Instructions
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