More Power Puller w/ 35' Amsteel

More Power Puller with 35ft of 8mm Amsteel Winch Line
More Power Puller with 35ft of 8mm Amsteel Winch Line

Manufactured by The Wyeth Scott Company since 1934, this made in the USA puller is in a class of its own. The heavy duty industrial construction is heads above the average ratchet puller. Coupled with 35ft of Samson's Amsteel Blue instead of traditional cable makes the puller very user friendly with power, strength and safety. Amsteel Blue is an amazing synthetic rope that is stronger than cable, but so light that it floats. This is not your typical poly rope – it is constructed of a 12-strand, single-braid, 100% Dyneema SK-75 fiber with Samthane coating. The average strength of 5/16" Amsteel Blue is 13,700 lbs.

Double line pulling capacity is 6,000 pounds dead lift and 12,000 drag/pull. Single rope capacity is 3,000 lbs dead lift and 6,000 drag/pull.


  • Safety handle will bend when the rated capacity of puller is exceeded.
  • Dual-sided reel and pawl system
  • 5/16" Cable (rope) size
  • Solid one-piece ductile iron components
  • Trouble free one notch at a time let down - up to 4 notches on a light load
  • Tried and true, tested design since 1934

Replacement parts:
9130200 - Replacement 5/16"x 35ft Amsteel w/ Hook
9130210 - Replacement Standard Handle
9130220 - Optional Extension Handle