HT130 Air Spade Excavation Tool

HT130 Air Spade 2000 Excavation Tool **Tool Only**
HT130 Air Spade 2000 Excavation Tool **Tool Only**  

Excavation using the power of compressed air. As the compressed air from the Air-Spade is directed into soil at close range, the air excavates roots, cable or pipes without damage.  The focused air nozzle delivers 1200 mph air that dislodges soil in a fraction of a second. You'll need to provide your own air compressor rated at 175 or 185 CFM (minimum.)

This 21st century arborist tool performs these operations:

  • Aeration and vertical mulching
  • Locating roots for utility line construction
  • Radial trenching
  • Root collar excavation
  • Soil compaction reduction
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Watch the Air Spade used for Soil Removal