treeMOTION evo Version

Buy 3 and save $58.92 each
Buy 3 and save $58.92 each
treeMOTION evo Version Climbing Saddle
treeMOTION evo Version Climbing Saddle

After five years of design and evolution the new treeMotion evo is ready. The treeMotion 2013 was well liked for its increased freedom of movement, individual gear loops, high work positioning comfort, improved distribution of load, special D-rings and an exchangeable rope bridge, the Evo verision offers the following bridge options:
  • Double knotted ripe bridges 125cm (included with this version)
  • Double stitched rope bridges 40/45/ or 50 cm (purchased separately)
  • Single webbing bridge 40/45 or 50 cm (purchased separately)
  • Second DMM 40mm green connecting ring (purchased separetely)

* The treeMotion evo is purchased with the standard double knotted rope bridge.  The optional bridges (stitched eye and webbing)  are purchased separately and replace the double knotted rope bridge.
**One size fits most

treeMOTION evo still provides the following features:
  • 260 lbs weight limit
  • Freedom of movement through a wide range of movements
  • Egronomic comfort
  • Adjustable load distribution between leg and back support
  • Reduced pressure points due to multi-layer webbing layout
  • Color coded attachment hardware improves safety
  • Multiple options for approved/certified bridge attachment hardware
  • Replaceable back padding
  • Flexible and highly supportive back frame
  • Gear brackets compatible with a range of tool carrying connectors
  • Dedicated chainsaw attachment point centger rear
  • Adjustable gear loops
  • First aid kit compression straps
  • Adjustable lumbar support (via compression straps)
  • Gear brackets on leg loops
  • Complies with EN358, EN813, AS/NZS 1891.1-2007, ANSIZ133-2017 for arboricultural operations and ASTM F887-16, CSA Z259.1-05

Important information:
Manufactures Recomendation: "Rinse the buckle with lukewarm water after every use. After drying put one drop of WD40 on each moving / movable part of the buckle." AustriAlpin
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