Notch Stealth Green Pole Saw

Buy 3 and save $50.00 each
Buy 3 and save $50.00 each
Notch Stealth Green Pole Saw 3-Sections w/ 15.4" Silky Blade
Notch Stealth Green Pole Saw 3-Sections w/ 15.4"  Silky Blade

21ft. Notch Pole saw w/Silky Hayauchi 15.4 inch blade. Midweight, gets up in the tree for production pruning with increased agility and precision. 3 sections, 2 locks.

Almost three years of research, development and testing have gone into these game-changing polesaws. The goal was no small order: make the best cutting, lightest and stiffest polesaw in the world. The goal we set for ourselves has been met. Compared to the Hayauchi polesaw of the same length, the 21 ft Notch Stealth 21.3 Green Polesaw is 30% stiffer and 20% lighter!

The real challenge was the pole itself, but the end result is something that’s going to rock the tree care industry. We partnered with a European pole company to develop a new proprietary hybrid pole that combines carbon fiber with fiberglass. The extra rigidity in the poles, and easily managed light weight, gives the user a level of precision cutting they’ve never experienced with a polesaw.

As most polesaw users can tell you, a polesaw is really only as good as its locks. Having the lightest, most rigid polesaw in the world would be pointless if we didn’t outfit it with high compression, no-slip locks. Each lock secures the pole in place with a contoured compression lever. There are no preset spring stoppers, which means you have infinite height adjustability.

Manufacturer Warning: Do not use this telescoping pole saws around electrical power lines or equipment. Electrical shock may result. Incorrect use of the Notch pole saw may cause injury.