Nikosi Double Floating D Saddle

$355.10 - $375.32
Nikosi by New Tribe Double Floating D Climbing Saddle / Harness
Nikosi by New Tribe Double Floating D Climbing Saddle / Harness

Nikosi” in Native American Yurok language means “all around”

Nikosi has TWO floating bridges for ALL AROUND motion! Both the belt AND the leg straps move with you as you twist, turn and reach. You can enjoy full range of motion as well as the all-around comfort you expect from a New Tribe saddle.

Here are some of the features:

  • Webbing bridge on the belt is replaceable.
  • Two forged steel O-rings connect bridge to beltRear rescue loop is built for life safety
  • Quick-release buckles on leg strapsFor a more versatile fit, the leg straps are adjustable. They can be set anywhere between Small and Extra Large.
  • Adjustable riser straps run between leg strap and belt on both sides, to aid balancing your weight in the saddle.
  • Two small D-rings are provided for attaching optional suspenders to help distribute weight.
  • For carrying gear: one aluminum ring, two snap hooks, two gear loops, two carabiner loops and two attachment slots for gear bags or additional carabiners.
  • Great color and style!
  • Weight 4 lbs 12 oz

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Nikosi is available in four sizes based on your belly button waistline:

SMALL Belt -- Waist 26" - 32"
MEDIUM Belt -- Waist 33" - 35"
LARGE Belt -- Waist 36" - 40"
X-LARGE Belt -- Waist 41" - 45"

One Year Warranty

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