ABR Rigging Thimble Large #3

ABR Rigging Thimble Large #3
ABR Rigging Thimble Large #3

ABR Rigging Thimbles were designed by arborists and built by engineers. They are purpose-built for the arboriculture industry, with improvements over the original marine products on the market. The size #3 ABR Rigging Thimble is the largest and features a minimum breaking strength of 25,000lbs.

  • Designed by arborists for arborists and built by engineers
  • Minimum breaking strength tested in the worst case configuration scenario - and clearly marked on every thimble
  • Wider rope groove to accomodate more appropriate sizes and types of rope for various sling configurations
  • Bigger, gentler bend radius for running rope
  • Non-anodized aluminum for extended life
  • Interior diameter is specially sized in relation to the other ABR Rigging Thimbles for better retrieval and use with splices
  • Effectively unbreakable in standard configurations on our 25,000lb horizontal proof test machine

Please see the attachments tab for additional information on thimble dimensions and capacities.

Notice:  When evaluating rigging systems it is necessary to recognize the capacity of each individual component. As with pulleys, when running lowering ropes through Rigging Thimbles the smaller the bend radius the greater the lose of load capacity. Slings with multiple Rigging Thimble will create a larger bend radius for you lowering ropes. In systems where you use a single Rigging Thimble it is important to recognize the reduced capacity in your rigging system.