3/4" ABR Ultra Rigging Block Sling

3/4" ABR Ultra Rigging Block Sling
3/4" ABR Ultra Rigging Block Sling

A "block version" of the ABR Ultra Sling. This version is made with 3/4" Samson Tenex Tec. A rigging block is installed and captured in the terminal eye of the sling. This rigging sling easily adjusts in length using the spliced pockets located at fixed intervals.

  • 3/4" Tenex-Tec
  • Choked configuration MBS 21,000 LBS
  • Only designed for use in choked configuration
  • Will fit most blocks [Exceptions CMI RP146(1" Blue), ISC RP57(Yellow)]
  • 6 consecutive 8" Pockets
  • 6' Usable length
  • 7' Overall Length

Block verified to fit:
  • CMI: RP130, RP131, RP145
  • DMM: Large (3/4" with hole), Small (5/8" no hole)
  • ESA 3/4"
  • ISC: Red & Blue Rigging blocks (RP055, RP054, RP053, RP052, RP051, RP050), Flame (RP056)
  • Stein: 5/8" Block