GopherHawk Trap Set

GopherHawk Trap Set w/ Trap, Wedge & Probe
GopherHawk Trap Set w/ Trap, Wedge & Probe

With all the tools for the job in one place the trapping set provides the essentials for effective gopher & mole removal. Including the trap, wedge, and probe, anyone from homeowner to professional will find GopherHawk a simple and effective trapping solution.

With gardens and lawns of our own being affected by burrowing pests we began looking for a faster more effective way to eliminate the threat. Not only speed of capture but ease of placement and retrieval as well. In our own experience we have found it troublesome to both locate and excavate tunnels prior to placing the traps. Also having no indication of whether a trap has been activated or not leaves you excavating the area just to check the trap, even if it has not yet caught a gopher.

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GopherHawk Trap Set
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