20 Gallon Treegator

Buy 6 and save $2.66 each
Buy 6 and save $2.66 each
20 Gallon Treegator Free Standing Watering System
20 Gallon Treegator Free Standing Watering System. If you plant trees, you need Treegator! Golf courses, parks, cities, nurseries, landscapers, DOT's, resorts and homeowners all love its simple, affordable patented tree watering technology. Makes anyone a watering professional. Perfect for newly planted or established trees with branches at least 36 inches off the ground or higher. Saves time, water, effort and money. A single Treegator bag holds 20 gallons. Fits min. 1 inch caliber tree trunk - Max 4 inch tree trunk. If necessary zip 2 bags together to water 5 to 8 inch trees. Made of tough, UV treated polyethylene. Standard drip time of 6 - 10 hours (adjustable, if necessary.) Fill opening fits up to 3" diameter hose.