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HT107 Air Spade Arborist Kit SKU: HT107

HT107 Air Spade 2000 Arborist Kit w/ Tool, Hose, 45 degree adapter & Case

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HT107 Air Spade Arborist Kit

HT107 Air Spade 2000 Arborist Kit w/ Tool, Hose, 45 degree adapter & Case  

Includes: Air-Spade 2000 tool, 10' lightweight hose, 45 degree adapter, instruction book and lockable deluxe case.

This is the most popular way arborist purchase the Air-Spade. The 45 degree adapter redirects the airflow allowing the user to maintain a more comfortable working position. The lightweight hose attaches to the tool and the heavy hose from your compressor. The deluxe case is great for keeping your tools all together and protected when not in use (includes combination pad lock.) Excavation using the power of compressed air. As the compressed air from the Air-Spade is directed into soil at close range, the air excavates roots, cable or pipes without damage.  The focused air nozzle delivers 1200 mph air that dislodges soil in a fraction of a second. You'll need to provide your own air compressor rated at 175 or 185 CFM (minimum.)

This 21st century arborist tool performs these operations:

  • Aeration and vertical mulching
  • Locating roots for utility line construction
  • Radial trenching
  • Root collar excavation
  • Soil compaction reduction
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Watch the Air Spade used for Soil Removal

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